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Livos Oil - a natural oil that is safe and creates a food safe surface. Applied by hand over the course of a week to seal and protect the woods surface. Contains natural resins that can be buffed to a light gloss sheen.

Facts about our Products

Due to an increasing amount of claims that products are "Green...Eco...Natural..." , and some of these are deceptive, please see below for further explanation of the "Environmental credentials" of the Livos products.

Livos offers a variety of all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products from surface treatments to cleaning and maintaining. These products contain no Petro-chemicals, and do not contribute to global warming. Based on renewable raw plant materials that are organically sourced and never tested on animals, Livos products are environmentally responsible, non-polluting, ecologically friendly, and emit no harmful substances.

An important component in most of the Livos products is linseed oil. Made from flaxseeds grown organically by farmers in northern Germany, it is cold pressed at the Livos factory for use as the main ingredient in oils and other products.

Livos uses around 150 natural raw ingredients in their plant based oils and paints as compared to approximatley 15,000 in the synthetic chemical finishes. Among some of the raw materials are bonding agents such as natural resins, oils, glues and waxes e.g. Dammar, a light yellow transparent resin from the southeast Asian dammar tree. This is used in the wall paints and glues. It aids in preventing yellowing and creates higher elasticity. Pigments used are from earth, plant and mineral e.g. Goldenrod, a plant dye from the dried stalks, leaves and blossoms of the Solidago plant. Used as a textile dye it creates a yellow to yellowish brown colour.

Application and use of Livos products is not difficult and is not limited to professional use only. Suitable for DIY use including people that may be chemically sensitive. Prior testing is highly recommended for those with chemical sensitivities. By using the Livos non-toxic plant based products you will be creating a healthier living environment, giving you peace of mind.

Full Declaration: all ingredients are listed and openly declared (since 1984) on all products and data sheets. The “List of Raw Materials” is available on this web site for easy reference to some of the lesser known ingredients.

Linseed: is a main component and is grown in the northern parts of Germany and cold pressed at the Livos factory in Wieren. In the cultivation of the oil, preceding crops, crop rotation, soil preparation as well as the sowing time of the crop is of great importance and is reflected in the higher oil content of the harvest. The linseed straw as well as the seed shells (after extraction) is also used further.

Third Party Certification/Standards: In today’s market it is not difficult to make “Green” claims which deceive the consumer in thinking the product or company cares for human health or the environment. Many products carry certain “standards” that have been superseded by new ones or “certification” by different bodies that are simply paid for. Many of these organisations have “voluntary” environmental standards. Livos chooses not to join these certification schemes however as a company Livos is dedicated to operating in an open sustainable way that continues to develop and strengthen our Health,

Environmental and Holistic standards. Environmentally friendly: products are not only human friendly they are fully biodegradable and not detrimental to our waterways as many of the synthetic water based products.

Biodegradable: Livos products are fully biodegradable. They contain only natural raw materials for which nature has the right enzymes or micro-organisms to degrade the molecules into non -toxic particles. Products labelled only degradable only breakdown into smaller particles. One of the many problems associated with this partial breakdown is that these particles get trapped in the gills of fish causing destruction and contamination of our water ways.

Animal testing: Livos does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals.

Renewable: The basis of Livos products are renewable industrial raw materials that are specially and ecologically grown to meet Livos’s needs and standards. The use of renewable raw materials creates many positive opportunities for the environment and agriculture.

Recyclable: In the manufacture the linseed straw and seed hull is re-used. E.g. the seed shell, once oil is extracted, is dried and returned to farmers as horse feed. Some outlets stock large containers of cleaning product enabling customers to ‘re-fill’ their existing containers All containers whether glass, tin or plastic can be recycled.

Solvents: Livos has a range of products that contain no to extremely low amounts of solvents. It is not necessarily how much solvent that is the critical factor, however which type. Livos not only uses plant based solvents however also synthetic ones such as the Isoaliphates. These are also used in the pharmaceutical and food industries and are well established in Europe. 95% of these solvents decapitate in the first hour of application. Once dried, there is no further “off gassing” as occurs with many synthetic products. It positively influences the indoor air quality and does not contribute to harmful ozone depleting emissions.

Life cycle: There is no detrimental effect on ones health from the Livos products; from manufacturing, application, the occupier to disposal.

For a complete list of Licos Raw Materials please click here

Tung Oil FlowersTung Oil Tung Oil

Pure Tung Oil is water and alkali resistant. It resists marring, penetrates well, is elastic and unlikely to check. Tung oil builds quickly, consolidates the wood surface and builds a transparent matte finish. It should be kept in an airtight container with minimum air space. Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers and has a light nutty odor.
Tung Oil is pressed from the nuts of Tung tree is known also as China wood oil and nut oil. The oil is still known in some circles as "China wood oil".
Tung Oil is an ideal "binder" or "vehicle", carrying the resins and dryers deep into the pores of the wood so that sealer and finish coats practically become part of the wood - drying into an armor-like yet beautiful surface.
The thin, transparent oil penetrates deep into wood pores, forming an almost permanent seal against moisture because it never loses its elasticity. Tung Oil is the world's oldest and best wood preservative. 
Tung Oil offers a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasions and wear.  The look is natural, hand-rubbed, classic; perfect for fine furniture

Teak flowerTeak Oil

Pure Teak Oil - squeezed locally from the nuts of the teak tree with no modifiers added

Natural Wax over water based stainNatural Wood Wax

All wood products can be produced sanded and ready for a finish by special order. Alternately we can hand rub in a white or clear wax to protect the surface but allow the natural wood to show.