Our Factory

KIEC currently employees 33 people of which 23 are woman.
We also engage (employ) 27 villages of independent wood carvers that work on specific types of work based on their chosen craft. We supply all funding for materials

Our floor working space is over 1000 meters squared. All floors are concrete and construction is all metal with aluminum clad steel roof panels set over five meters high. This allows a lot of free air circulation to reduce the saw dust factor while working. All electrics and lighting are to code to insure a safe and secure working area for the employees. We do use electric finishing sanders for wood that has flat surfaces. We also have a table saw, 20" wide bed planer, and a small router table
We own the land next to our existing structure which is available for expansion if needed. Meanwhile we grow our own rice supply on this land

There are three separate solar rooms where product is stored in stages. There are two propane powered kilns each of which is three and one half meters squared and three meters high with forced hot air and re circulating air.

We have a separate workers quarters with three self contained rooms each with their own toilet facility and three bachelor quarters that share two attached toilet areas.

We brought in specially calibrated Delmhorst Invasive Wood meters set to read the Monkey Pod, Teak, and other woods from Thailand to insure that all pieces are actually kiln dried internally not just on the surface. Since most of our larger carved pieces have various thick sections we want to read at the thickest point to make sure we achieve accurate MC readings

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