Environmental Statement

Kammika Import Export Co., Ltd. (KIEC)
A Thailand based Manufacturer

Environmental Mission

To use sustainable materials an practices minimizing our negative impact on the overall environment
To find use for as much as possible of a material source to help sustain the overall resource
To give back to the environment as much as we take when possible
On a personal note, we grow our own rice, fruits, herbs and spices, and vegetables for our family
We are in process of planting our own farmed teak on 3 Rai of land for future use

Product Mission

To create unique works of functional art using sustainable materials and practices
We use only sustainable wood sources:
Monkey Pod (Rain Tree or Acacia) - a non-native species brought to Thailand and grown as an alternate wood source for the carving industry
Grows more then 1" in diameter a year in the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand due to the abundant water supply from run off
Farmed Teak - Bought under license from the Royal Forestry Department - grown for the wood industry to control harvest of old growth
Mango Wood - Fruit trees from orchards that have past their prime fruit producing years. trees are cleared in cycles for new growth replacement. We also find and buy old growth trees that are wild in the jungle that do not produce edible fruit
Eucalyptus Grande - farmed in Thailand since the 1950's - started in conjunction with the Australian government for the paper and construction industry. Farmers also plant between rice paddies as a wind break and short term cash product

We use only natural oils for finishing

Social Mission

To provide products that are environmentally and socially responsible
Contribute to the improvement of our employees, our local community, and the communities we work with
To uphold the highest business ethics by staying true to our mission of producing with sustainable resources

Economic Mission

To sustain profitability and expand opportunities for our employees and community

Carbon Offset Calculations

Coming soon